Global Citizen Awardees

The GAIA Global Citizen Award recognizes exceptional individuals and institutions who have made extraordinary contributions to GAIA and global efforts to reduce glaring health disparities. Past honorees are trustees, volunteers, supporters and inspirational figures, including, by year:


From left to right: Ashley Mitchell, Alden Blair, Luseshelo Simwinga, Kim Baltzell, Miranda Rouse.

Institutional award: UCSF's Global Action in Nursing (GAIN) for their commitment to helping GAIA expand the scope of nursing scholarships to students upgrading their qualifications from diploma to bachelor-level nurse-midwives, ultimately improving the quality and capacity of rural health facilities nationwide for the long term. The award was accepted by Kim Baltzell and Luseshelo Simwinga on behalf of GAIN.


Individual award: Kingston Pflaum Family, for their many generous contributions of time, treasure and wisdom. Andy joined the GAIA board in 2009 and served two full terms. During that time, he served as Vice Chair and lead author of our 5-year strategic plan.

Institutional award: Gilead Sciences, Inc. a leading innovator, for more than 30 years, in the field of HIV, driving advances in treatment, prevention and cure research with the goal of ending the HIV epidemic for everyone, everywhere.


Institutional award: Gruber Family Foundation, founding supporter of GAIA's Nursing Scholar Program. The GFF's generous supports to GAIA have now spanned nearly 20 years!


Individual award: Laurie Hunter, GAIA Trustee (2015 - present) and Ambassador extraordinaire. Laurie is a key contributor on the Strategic Implementation and Development Committees.

Individual award: Michael Lockhart, GAIA Advisor, Supporter and former Trustee. Mike continues to serve as a strategic advisor to GAIA executive staff.

Institutional award: HRH Foundation (Hagey Family), Dedicated supporters since 2005, inspired by repeat visits to Malawi by Shirley Hagey.

Institutional award: Trinity Church Princeton, Key supporter in the delivery of healthcare services and efforts to empower communities. Numerous members have served on GAIA's Board of Trustees.


Individual award: Dr. Bill Rankin, GAIA Co-Founder and President Emeritus, and Dr. Sally Rankin, Co-Investigator on GAIA’s USAID funded project to build nursing capacity in Malawi. Bill served as CEO from GAIA's founding until his retirement in 2011, and remains an active supporter and advisor to this day.

Individual award: The Reverend Canon David Walton Miller, Long-time partner to GAIA. The Miller Endowment for Outreach at St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church (Pacific Palisades, CA) maintains an International focus on GAIA Malawi.


Individual award, in memoriam: Dinny Joffe, GAIA Trustee 2008-2014. Dinny was an avid and vocal supporter of women and children, introduced to Malawi by her husband, Joff, an early advisor to the country's Ministry of Justice soon after independence.

Individual award: Bob McCaskill, GAIA Trustee and Board Finance Chair, 2010-2017. Bob continues to lend his financial skills and generosity to GAIA on the Finance and Audit Committees.

Institutional award: The Miner Foundation and Justine Miner, Key supporter of the Nursing Scholar and Mobile Health Clinic Programs.

Institutional award: The Hamels Foundation, Long-time partner to GAIA in education and health initiatives. With “feet on the ground” help and a vested partnership from GAIA, The Hamels Foundation developed, constructed and continues to maintain a primary school (grades 1-8) in rural southern Malawi.


Individual award: Dr. Jay Levy, GAIA Medical Advisory Board member and co-discoverer of the HIV virus. Jay and his wife, Sharon, toured the GAIA clinics during a visit to Malawi in 2018.


Individual award: Marty Arscott, GAIA Board Chair, 2010-2015. Marty introduced dozens of supporters to GAIA during and after her travels to Malawi throughout her tenure. She remains a trusted advisor to the executive staff.

Individual award: Agnes Grohs, GAIA Trustee 2009-2014. Agnes was inspired by her many trips to Malawi to spearhead fundraising efforts in support of the village of Ludzi, including the construction of a maternity center.

Institutional award: The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation, founder and key supporter of the Mobile Health Clinic Program, inspired by Elizabeth Taylor's vision after Hurricane Katrina to "take HIV care to where it is needed".

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