Our Story

Bill Rankin with GAIA staff in village in Mulanje

In 2000, Episcopal priest Bill Rankin and renowned neurosurgeon Dr. Charlie Wilson launched GAIA (Global AIDS Interfaith Alliance) to increase health equity globally and to bring life-saving treatment to one of the countries most impacted by the AIDS epidemic.

Today, with GAIA’s support, Malawi is one of the first African countries to meet UNAIDS 2020 90-90-90 treatment targets, even in the most remote districts with the highest HIV prevalence, where we work. Throughout our history, GAIA has adapted our services to provide compassionate, patient-centered healthcare to meet immediate needs while strengthening Malawi's healthcare workforce for the long-term.

In 2007, GAIA Malawi was formally established as an independent, but closely aligned, entity to the U.S. organization. With its own self-selected Board of Directors and a 100% Malawian staff, GAIA Malawi works closely with GAIA U.S. to design and execute cost-effective program responses to the evolving health needs of Malawi’s rural population. All program interventions are developed with key input from the communities served and executed in partnership with the Government of Malawi, Ministry of Health and Population, and local and international partners.

women carrying water pales