GAIA's 2021 Virtual Gala was a SUCCESS!


Published On:

June 29, 2021

           THANK YOU!

GAIA supporters,

Our 2021 Virtual Gala was a huge success because of YOU! We are in awe of your incredible generosity and commitment to standing with GAIA's heroic frontline healthcare workers as they continue fighting for healthcare accessibility for all. We are thrilled to report that we are approaching $400,000, which exceeds our original goal, and gifts are still coming in! Donations received this week will still be included in the event total and, if you have already sent in a check or plan to, please give us a heads up.

In this era of uncertainty, the GAIA community is stronger than ever before. Because of your support, we can look to a bright and exciting future of accelerated impact in Malawi. From all the way over in Malawi herself, Joyce Jere, GAIA's Country Director, witnessed this outpouring of support. At 3:30 a.m. her time, she remarked, "That was a very fantastic event.  Goodnight." Hopefully she got some rest!

Ntiza Villagers' Welcome Song
Monica Makina, GAIA Nursing Scholar Graduate
A Day in the Life of GAIA's Frontline Healthcare Workers in Malawi

The videos featured during the gala will be available to view on our YouTube channel and website. You may also click on each of the photos above to view.

If you were unable to attend, watch the Virtual Gala here.

women carrying water pales