Hear From The GAIA Trustees Who Travelled to Malawi in June!


Published On:

August 4, 2022

"One GAIA service (of many) which impressed me was this: these are women waiting to speak with a nurse (behind the screen) about contraception. They can then receive an injection or implant which functions for months." - Jim Cashel, Current GAIA Board Member

"I have always known that GAIA's Mobile Health Clinics are vital to the remote communities they serve, but seeing the clinics in operation was truly inspiring. I am more eager than ever to help GAIA find ways to expand the MHC program through our innovative cost-sharing partnerships with local district health offices." - Ashley Paff, Current GAIA Board Member

"What impressed me the most was the organization and rigor of the Mobile Clinic staff, and the careful infrastructure that makes the clinics function so well. Because of this, a mother with a sick child doesn't need to worry about accessing care... she knows that GAIA will be there when she needs them." - Richard Beatty, Former GAIA Board Member 2013 - 2020

"So much of why I support GAIA and believe in its mission is because of the investment in the welfare of the next generation. When visiting the Mobile Health Clinics in Malawi last month, I was so moved by how many women and children were waiting to be treated. The children would have no access to proper healthcare without GAIA." - Erin Fish, Current GAIA Board Member

"It was inspiring to visit the GAIA offices in Malawi and hear from the excellent staff about the work that they do each day. With talent, fortitude, perseverance, and patience they work together to ensure that GAIA programs thrive and have a significant impact on the communities we serve." - Lisa Deal, Current GAIA Board Member

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