Remembering Dr. Mercy Pindani, Principal at Kamuzu University of Health Sciences

Dr. Mercy Pindani, former principal of Kamuzu University of Health Sciences in Southern Malawi, is honored and remembered for her work in health workforce development in Malawi and her commitment and dedication to the next generation of healthcare professionals.


Published On:

October 25, 2021

Remembering Dr. Mercy Pindani

GAIA reports with sadness the passing of Dr. Mercy Pindani, Associate Professor, Senior Lecturer and former Principal (Dean) at Kamuzu University of Health Sciences (formerly Kamuzu College of Nursing, KCN). Dr. Pindani received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from KCN, later earning a Master of Science in Nursing from the University of Witwatersrand in South Africa and her Ph.D in Nursing from the University of South Africa in 2010. Her history with KCN began in 1994 as Assistant Lecturer and later, as Dean of Students, Dean of Faculty, and Vice Principal prior to her appointment as Principal in 2017. She held many important positions within the larger nursing community, serving as chairperson and board member of David Livingstone Memorial Clinic and member of the Malawi Nurses and Midwives Council, among many others. Her research portfolio included maternal child health, especially postpartum care of the mother and neonate, HIV and AIDS, and adolescent reproductive health. 

Dr. Pindani was a fervent supporter of GAIA's Nursing Scholar Program, fostering a close institutional partnership between the University and GAIA that helped grow the program into the success it has become.  

Dr. Pindani is survived by her husband, Mr. Ramsey Pindani, and her two sons, and also by the hundreds of young people in pursuit of nursing degrees that she touched as a mentor, collaborator and friend. She helped them grow into accomplished professionals who serve their fellow citizens with skilled, intelligent, and compassionate care. She inspired her students to become leaders and help shape the future of the profession to benefit all Malawians. The nursing community, all across Malawi, will remember the passion, dedication, and kindness that Dr. Pindani brought to all aspects of her academic and personal life. GAIA is grateful for her work, her support and her ongoing legacy.

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